RS Ebb and Flow Riding Arena

The crowning glory of riding arena construction

The perfect riding arena: Every day. In any weather. With any amount of usage.

That’s the RS Ebb and Flow Surface System.

The moisture level of the riding surface system is adjusted fully automatically by a special pump. You will not notice anything at all – the RS Ebb and Flow Riding Arena will impress you simply due to its optimal usability and low maintenance requirements.

As with the other surface systems, we also work with carefully selected materials with exceptionally high value when constructing an Ebb and Flow System.  For example, a reinforced plastic sheet, additional protected drainage pipes and especially selected drainage sand.


Create your own riding surface for your Ebb and Flow Riding Arena

For the RS Ebb and Flow Riding Arena System, differently composed riding surfaces are available to suit every equestrian discipline. From "RS Dressage" to "RS Jump" right through to all-round practice surfaces. If desired, the very popular ivory-coloured RS Microsand can be used. We can offer over a dozen gradations for your riding surface!

Of course, each of the available riding surface mixtures has its own advantages, such as dust-free properties, easy maintenance and longevity. Thanks to our close cooperation with veterinarians, renowned equestrian sports experts and the feedback of numerous equestrian sports professionals, we can guarantee that each of our riding surface materials meets the full range of requirements with regard to equestrian sport functionality and the maintenance of the good health of our horses.