RS Classic System

Tried and tested riding arena construction technology coupled with high distinction

We depend on a tried and tested substrate construction method for the RS Classic system: We use special, certified recycled concrete or crocks because this allows us to achieve a high level of compression, guaranteeing the longevity of the riding arena or the riding hall surface.  According to the geological requirements, an additional substrate layer is constructed.

This surface-drainage system is suitable for every discipline and can be combined with any of the individual RS riding surfaces.

Ideal conditions for practicing, dressage, show jumping and Western-style riding

Working just within the outer bounds of the technically possible has always been our claim. In this manner, we have always striven towards getting the most out of this classical method of construction. Through the careful selection of materials for the load-bearing and substrate layers, and the individual requirements regarding the depth of the layers, based on the local conditions, we are able to create a riding surface that enables top performance, whilst remaining within limits where costs are concerned.