RS riding arena systems – 
optimally adjusted to meet your requirements. 

RS riding arena systems aim at achieving top quality in matters surrounding longevity, protection of the horse and sportiness.

Whether we are talking about a riding arena, a riding hall surface, a paddock or a lunging arena - every system is developed in collaboration with leading veterinarians and equestrian experts. The construction of race courses and polo courses also falls within our range of competency.

During a consultation at your premises, we will demonstrate the possibilities to you and help you to choose the most appropriate solution, based on your desires, your requirements and the local conditions.

Don’t settle for a run-of-the-mill riding surface. Treat yourself to the luxury of a tried and tested riding surface system that is recommended by veterinarians and equestrian sports professionals all over Europe.


Which system best fulfils your desires and demands?
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High quality individually adjusted to suit your needs. Extreme longevity with comparatively low-cost substrate.

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The perfect riding surface. At any time. In any weather. Fully automatic drainage and irrigation to meet the highest demands.

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Perfect drainage thanks to RS riding arena matting. Extreme longevity coupled with the best riding conditions.

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Even less maintenance thanks to vertical drainage via a special lava substrate. Ideal riding properties for all disciplines.

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