RS Nature

Natural riding sand with absolutely stable value.

The RS Nature riding surface fulfils the need for a natural, ecologically friendly and long-lasting riding arena surface with virtually no follow-on costs.

With no additives whatsoever, the owner receives a riding surface with all the desirable properties of a good riding sand.

With its basic resilience which results from fine gradation, the high quality of the non-sliding properties and the easy maintenance RS Microsand impresses the owners of private stables, riding clubs and equestrian sport professionals equally.

In addition to all its excellent properties, this optimal practice surface also lends a high degree of distinction to all riding establishments.  Follow-on costs are virtually non-existent and the longevity of the RS Microsands is already well known to experts. Because of the hardness of the grains, the sand is particularly resistant to abrasion. According to Mohs scale of hardness (which determines the hardness of minerals) RH Microsand scores 7, which is way above many types of sand that are often used for riding surfaces.